Why Us?


The members of the Signal Hill team have held senior operating, investment and finance roles in a variety of businesses. As company builders, we understand the issues and challenges that management teams face on a daily basis. We believe that our operating experience and track record places us in a unique position to assist management teams in evaluating important decisions.

The Signal Hill team has over 50 years of collective experience investing and building companies. We have completed over 100 transactions involving private companies in a variety of industries including financial services, distribution, business services and manufacturing. We have partnered and worked with management teams in building some of the most successful businesses of their kind in Canada and the United States.


Building a business often requires specialized expertise to help with strategic planning, marketing, supply chain management, computer systems and manufacturing issues that may arise. We are enthusiastic partners, willing to provide more than just board- level guidance and financial expertise. In addition to our investment team, we have a dedicated portfolio support team (the Signal Hill Operational Improvement Team), which includes five engineers, a human resource specialist, in-house legal counsel and a chief financial officer. This depth of expertise serves as a valuable asset for management teams and owners looking for a partner for growth. Additionally, Signal Hill has long-standing and strong relationships with qualified consultants, CEO’s and industry professionals whose expertise companies can access to help build their businesses.


We understand that transitions can be challenging. Signal Hill is the perfect partner for owners looking to retire and exit their business smoothly. Our team has been designed to allow us to acquire a company from an owner-operator (or the estate of a business owner) and manage the business until a new executive team can be secured. Through our depth of operational expertise we can greatly reduce the time and burden for owners looking to retire and facilitate an orderly transition.


With over $300 million of equity capital raised across three funds, we are one of Canada’s leading middle market focused private equity firms. Signal Hill Equity Partners III, LP has $142 million of committed equity capital that can be invested at the discretion of Signal Hill in mid-market Canadian companies. Our access to capital is greatly enhanced by our group of institutional and family office investors who will co-invest in select transactions when additional capital is required.