Our Approach

At Signal Hill we partner with entrepreneurs who share our goal of building lasting businesses of scale that generate both personal and financial returns. Signal Hill seeks to make control equity investments in established and differentiated businesses.


  • Dominate a niche and have a strong and sustainable competitive position within their industry; 
  • Have the potential to significantly improve their financial performance, grow their market share or lead industry consolidation;
  • Have strong management teams who want to participate as shareholders of the companies they operate. We are able to bridge management transition through our Signal Hill Operational Improvement Team;
  • Strong return-on-capital characteristics with a track record of positive cash flow; and
  • Headquartered in Canada or have significant Canadian operations.


  • Transactions that generally have an enterprise value of between $15 million and $75 million;
  • Require between $10 million and $30 million of equity investment; and
  • We target add-on transactions of any size for our current portfolio companies.


We are focused on opportunities that require both capital and senior operating expertise to assist with:

  • Succession planning, management buy-outs or other management transition issues;
  • Financial and operating restructurings;
  • Acquisitions or growth opportunities; and
  • Corporate carve-outs.


Signal Hill targets traditional businesses in its five key verticals: business & consumer services, specialty manufacturing, building products, food and consumer products and resource services.